Anger As 12-Year-Old Student Dies At Chrisland School Event


Chrisland School is back in the news over yet another controversy involving one of its students.


Daily trust report that, Last year, a video of a female student being involved in immorality with her schoolmates during a competition in Dubai had sparked outrage.

This time around, the death of a 12-year-old student identified as Whitney Adeniran is generating reactions.

Adeniran reportedly lost her life during the school’s Inter-house sports event that took place at Agege stadium on Thursday.

Bereaved father speaks

Micheal Adeniran, the child’s father, spoke on the unfortunate event and stated that his daughter was not ill when the school bus brought her up for the occasion.

“By 1 pm in the afternoon, I got a call from my wife informing me that our daughter slumped during the inter-house sport and she was brought to the clinic. It was the biggest shock of my life.”

Even before the event began, my wife was present at the location. She was never phoned or told until after they had taken our child out of the location. Upon my wife’s arrival at the medical facility where they had taken my daughter. My kid was dead, and her lips and tongue were both black.

“My wife called me quickly, and when I arrived at the scene from my office, I discovered my 12-year-old daughter dead on the ground. When I questioned the school administration about what had happened to my daughter, they were unable to provide me with any answers.

“I sent a little girl who was healthy and full of life to Chrisland School; what Chrisland delivered to me is a dead child.” My entire family is devastated by my daughter’s passing, but school officials have insisted they are unaware of anything beyond the fact that she died after collapsing.

What happened to my daughter at Agege Stadium, I wonder? I want answers from Chrisland International High School as a father. I’m currently suffering great pain and sadness. You will feel my agony if you are a father. We adore my daughter very much. We valued her existence, and we cannot ever allow a facility to downplay our daughter’s passing.

Late child’s mother tells her own story

The mother of the girl also shared a public message about the tragic incident.

The mother claims that she was participating in an inter-house sporting event when she realised that her daughter was missing from all of the school events.

“When the match was over, I looked, but my child wasn’t in the first house that matched. I didn’t see my child at the second residence, but it matched. I didn’t see my child, but the third house matched. I started to worry,” she remarked.

She had initially opted to look for her child around the stadium, but then learned from a student that Whitney had fainted and had been taken to a clinic.

She added that after seeing a staff member, they informed her that her daughter had been sent to the hospital even though no teacher or other member of the staff had called to discuss her daughter’s condition.

“I went in there and saw my daughter’s corpse,” she remarked after finding her daughter’s body on a hospital bed. I visited my daughter as she lay dying. When I first saw her, she was already dead. She was saturated through and through. There was leakage of water. I cried out and prayed to God. I yelled. I prayed to God.

The school, according to Mrs. Adeniran, claimed that her daughter’s death was caused by a cardiac arrest.

“How is a cardiac arrest in a 12-year-old possible? no current health issues or heart problems. How can a healthy adolescent die from a cardiac arrest, even if that is what they are saying happened?

Benjamin Hundeyin, the public relations officer for the Lagos State Police, confirmed that an inquiry was being conducted into the incident and that the required steps were being taken.

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