Man confused as DNA reveals his baby who looks like him belongs to his family member

Man confused as DNA reveals his baby who looks like him belongs to his family member - man think sad

A South African man has shared his dilemma regarding the paternity of his child who does not belong to him but shares the same DNA with him.

He took his baby for a test and the result disclosed that there was a 50percent trait of his DNA in the child but that it means it belongs to a family member who would have 100 percent.

The man was in confusion and shock because the child looks so much like him and he had doubts when people told him that he may not be father.

He said that despite the paternity test, he does not know which man in his family is the child’s actual father.

He had earlier lamented about his suspicion to a social media user who advised him to go for DNA and he gave an update after the test.

“Bro, the DNA I told you about, more detailed analysis shows that we have remarkable similarities in various traits of about 50 per cent, This only means one thing, The baby belongs to a member of my family. bro am loosing my shiii. This explains we somehow looked alike with the baby. I dont know what to do to identify hio nongwe who impregnated my wife from my family.”

In related news, a man has taken to social media to share how a husband and wife found out that their child was swapped at birth.

The tweep known as @Jupinapapi3 on Twitter said the swap was uncovered as a result of a DNA test that the husband conducted on their daughter who was 5 years old.

The man found out that he isn’t the child’s biological father and he confronted his wife who expressed shock because according to her, she has never cheated on him.

Confused as to how their child turned out to not belong to her husband, she also went for a test and the DNA result revealed that she was also not the girl’s mother.

The narrator said the couple decided to sue the hospital for switching their baby. However, another lady who seems to be privy to the case gave an update.

The man and his wife eventually found their real child but they felt the need to still raise the swapped one as their daughter.

The hospital was said to have settled with the couple out of court and compensated them with 2million.

He wrote; “So a man took a paternity test on his daughter and he wasn’t the father. The mom swears she never cheated and the test had to be wrong. She can’t convince him so she also took a test. Turns out she wasn’t the mom either. Now they’re suing the hospital because they switched babies.

Imagine raising a baby for 5 years but now you kinda wanna get your actual baby but now don’t wanna give up this one either.

I just wanna say that the world is full of good people, and if you can’t find one then be one and to never stop being a good person because of bad ones. Love y’all.

“Update: (because I know I’m not the only one that NEEDED to know how this ended). They found their biological daughter, she was in foster care.

Apparently the family that for her wasn’t the best of parents and ended up under investigation from child protective services. As crazy as it sounds, they have to now adopt their biological child (which they are in the process of doing). They are also keeping the nonbiological child as well.

The hospital settled and they received nearly 2mil (NOT ENOUGH in my or their lawyer’s opinion but they just wanted the whole ordeal over with). The husband and wife are staying together and he apologized to her for ever doubting her. They have not and will not go public with their true identifies and they are moving away from their current town. Fin.


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