Why I So Much Love Ramsey Nouah for What He Did for Me in 2011 – Adunni Ade

There is competition in basically every industry around the world. Be it healthy or unhealthy competition, when two or more people are doing exactly the same thing, or have the same job, it is human nature for some sort of competition, good or bad, to begin. One industry where we see a lot of blatant competition in front of our face is the entertainment industry. Between award shows, box office charts, music charts, artistes seem to always be in constant competition for biggest film, biggest song, best acting performance, etc. So because of this, it is always refreshing to see when actors hail each other in an industry that can be so combative some times.

Today, Adunni Ade took to social media to celebrate veteran actor Ramsey Nouah who she says she has loved and has been such a helping hand to her since 2011. Here is what Adunni Ade said and the reason why she so much loves the actor.

Speaking about Ramsey Nouah on social media, Adunni Ade said about the actor:

ADUNNI ADE: I have told this story a few times but in 2011, I met bro Ramsey Nouah in Owings Mills, Maryland. I later requested to have a talk with him which we did at a mall close to DC. He gave me some pointers I still hold on strongly to 12 years later.

He said if you really want to pursue Acting in Nollywood, you’d have to move out to Nigeria and be in the faces of the Nigerian audience. He added there are 2 ways to make it to the top. The fast route or what seems to be the slow route.

You look like the one who would take the slow route (not sure if he really saw that in me or speaking unspoken words). It might seem like it’s taking forever, bunch of no’s, rejection left and right. But keep pushing until you get to the top and best believe you will remain at the top for a very long time.

Growing up, he was someone I constantly made reference to, that if someone who looked like me could make it in a country I thought did me wrong, I could too. Every time I see him, I make it a conscious decision to always thank him. I’m sure he’s always wondering but why?

Bro Ramsey! You have an amazing spirit! You are far too kind! You didn’t have to help direct me in a path I had already chosen but you did!

It has always been my dream to work with you and 12 years later, the magic happened. Getting a call from Chris Odeh to work with y’all on set of TOKUNBO was mind-blowing! To you and your team! Thank you for making me enjoy the set! As crazy as it was, it’s one of my favorite production have been part of.

Ramsey is a well-detailed individual. An auteur!

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