David Beckham’s Daughter-in-Law Nicola Peltz Sues Wedding Planner for $159000 After Billionaire Father Hired and Fired Them

Fans have always known David Beckham as a very wealthy man. The British soccer legend has never shied away from displaying his riches to the fans. However, there was quite a controversial moment when his son, Brooklyn Beckham, tied the knot with Nicola Peltz. Without a doubt, the wedding was grand and lavish. However, there were many problems that the wealthy celebrity duo faced while planning for the wedding reception.

Nicola Peltz reportedly had a rift without one of the wedding planners they had hired to organize the wedding. The rift was not a normal one for sure Peltz sued the wedding manager for a massive sum of money.

Why did Peltz sue the wedding planner?

The celebrity duo tied the knot in April 2022. As per the photos that surfaced online, the wedding reception seemed extremely grand and beautiful. However, the fans have just gotten to know the ugly truth behind organizing such a beautiful wedding. The Peltz family hired three event agencies to plan for the special day.

The reason why Peltz fired the first agency is still unknown. However, it’s the second agency that got all the problems along with them. Nicola Peltz’s parents managed to get hold of Bragin and Grijalba through their event management company. Unfortunately, their professional relationship didn’t last longer than nine days. The wedding planning duo was reportedly struggling to handle the wedding’s gigantic guest list.


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