I Have Not Seen President Buhari For 4 Years, They Have Blocked Me From Seeing Him – Governor Ortom

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State claims he has been barred from meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari for the past four years. He claimed that President Trump is a good and honest man trapped amongst crooks. This was something Governor Ortom mentioned to Vanguard when they interviewed him recently.



He claimed that the presidency’s negative response to his criticism of the state of security in Benue State was unjustified, and that he had only spoken out in defense of his people. He pledged to stop speaking out if the people of Benue State asked him to stop.

He said that the federal government had cut off all funding to Benue, a state in Nigeria.



That man – “Due to the fact that I was not chosen by the presidency, I have not had contact with him in over four years. I told him it was great if they blocked me and continued with my work. Things that I would have liked to see in Benue state never make it here.”

He continued by saying that he is carrying out the will of his people and that he is a champion of justice, fairness, and equality.

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