#BBTitans: Yemi and Miracle almost exchange blows over Khosi’s matter

Yemi, Miracle, Khosi [Within Nigeria]

There was drama in the Big Brother Titans’ house as Yemi and Miracle OP almost got physical with each other because of Khosi during a truth or dare game.

Yesterday, January 27, the housemates decided to have fun and play “truth or dare.” a game where a player has to say the truth about any questions asked or complete any task required of them.

During the game, Yemi kissed Blue Aiva while Khosi kissed Miracle.

However, the issue grew when Khosi was asked if she was leading Miracle on or if he was being too forward in trying to get close to her despite Yemi being in the picture.

Yemi requested that Khosi not answer the question about her romantic preferences. Miracle argued against this and insisted that Khosi clarify the situation.

Yemi, however, charged at Miracle for a fight after he was asked to shut up by Miracle

This comes after Yemi and Miracle on Thursday night almost got into a fight over Khosi during their “conversation.”

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