He abandons his family because he’s now rich & famous – Kiriku’s alleged sister calls him out (Video)

In a recent social media post, the purported sister of 8-year-old Nigerian comedian Kiriku calls him out and implicitly accuses him of leaving the family.

The young woman who identifies herself as Kiriku’s biological sister claimed that since since the content creator became wealthy and well-known, he has declined to inquire about their parents.

She continued, saying that Kiriku is the family’s final child and has ignored them for a while, adding that she doesn’t know what they did to him as a result of his rude behavior towards them.

The well-known elder sister of Kiriku claims that Kiriku’s mother has been sobbing continuously for some time now because she adores him and misses him terribly.

Shedding more light, the alleged sister of 8-year-old Kiriku while calling him out publicly, said that Kiriku bought a car for the father of his colleague, Umbrella boy and never buy any car for his own biological parents.

She further begs people to share the video so as that it can reach Kiriku and probably have a rethink by coming back to his family.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

big_jay_otf: Osalobua..  which kind lie be this? Kiriku na Benin boy first of all..person wey I know reach house .

bigibk__: C’mon keep your mouth shut aunty. Boy wey you reach born they give you sleepless night!!! Is everything okay at home???

adefoyin: Omo this life just have money,see as them dey drag small boy because eh get money .

tzwhyte_official:  At first . Kiriku is a kid that can not make his own choice . He can’t answer to any drags because he did nothing.

kc2talk: Una sabi spoil person own just for clout!!!! So umbrella boy no be kiruku blood again…?? bloggers de post wetin dem like for clicks and comments .

iamhypeman_ferary01: He needs too go back to his family and i know is that umbrella boy that has kept that boy away cus the boy knows noting.

marion_nba: Na Small Pikin You Carry Full Chest Deh Drag So.

bullioncomedy: Una no dey shame at all for una family? U for even come out talk the matter with another style, no be say him “abandon” una. Na u call am “Small boy” just now, so that kain small boy abandon una and una dey cry? Una never really talk wetin una want. E be like say una dey cr*ze.

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