How Incurable Disease Forced Me to Stop Acting for Years – Chidi Mokeme

Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme is the man of the moment after a dazzling, career making performance on the latest Netflix hit series, “Shanty Town”. Chidi Mokeme’s role as Scar is definitely bringing on a renaissance for the actor, and with all of this new buzz around him, the big question on many people’s mind is: where has Chidi Mokeme been?

Chidi isn’t at all a new actor. Chidi Mokeme ruled our screens for a lot of the early 2000s especially and has taken on a number of diverse roles. But then, after the movie, ’76, it looked like the actor just dropped off the surface of the earth. Now, Chidi Mokeme is explaining why and the reason is a lot sadder and darker than anybody thought. Here is what Chidi Mokeme said.

During his latest interview with Rubbin’ Minds on Channels Television, Chidi Mokeme was asked “Before ‘Shanty Town’ and ‘The Therapist’ last year, it looks like you took a very long break from the industry. Did you take a break, or where people just not seeing your movies? Because for a long time, you were off our screens” He responded saying:

CHIDI MOKEME: So, I’m going to be giving you all the scoop. Yeah, I’ve been on the scene for a while but I was actually off the scene for a while. After we did the promotional tour for ’76, and we went to the Toronto International Film Festival, I will say something that I haven’t actually said anywhere else. After that, as we were preparing to go to the trip to UK for the British International Film Festival, I came down with something called Bell’s Palsy. So if you know Bell’s Palsy, it was the first time I was hearing it, Bell’s Palsy is something that it comes like a stroke and it sort of affects one side of your face, and sort of gives you a droop. And you know, this was something that the doctors said was incurable. They had no cure cuz they didn’t know what causes it so they didn’t know how to treat it. So for an actor, if you’re come down with something that affects your face, you can imagine what I’ve been going through. I thought it was something I could move around with, I tried to come for the Lagos premiere of ’76 at the time, but the attention was sort of focused on the face rather than the premiere and the things that were happening at the time. So I knew that no, it wasn’t something I could work with. So I said okay, I will take time off to try and go sort out that problem that needed my face to be in top shape. So in the meantime, I just focused on doing my other business, while I focused on trying to get myself back.

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