Nigerian Family Turns down Man’s 400 Big Yams for Daughter’s Bride Price, Gives Reason

A Nigerian man has shared how his brother’s traditional marriage in Imo state was stalled as a result of yams presented for the bride price.

@Foedosa1 shared the incident on Twitter while responding to an influencer, John Doe, who remarked that Edo state has the cheapest bride price in Nigeria.

Imo bride price, family reject 400 big tubers of yam as bride price

According to @Foedosa1, his brother’s fiancee’s family included 400 big tubuers of yam in the bride price.

However, on their way to the village to deliver the yams, one tuber broke. To their surprise, the lady’s family rejected all the tubers, insisting that the broken one is replaced with another sourced from their local market.

Their reason being that the wife-to-be’s leg is not broken.

See the tweet below:

Social media reactions

@Ebonyxtiano said:

“Agba are you talking about marriage list or just bride price? Bride price is never a problem, my younger sister’s bride price was 10k, we removed 3k and handed the bal to our inlaw to take care of our daughter.”

@GeoLawrence1 said:

“Some states will charge as low as N5000.

“And some will demand as high as 400 tubers of yam. A tuber big tuber of yam in some places goes for 1, 600k or there abouts (taking cognisance of present market conditions).

“1,600 × 400 equals more than half a million Naira.


@TabithaOkenwa said:

“But I’ve always ask myself this one question everytime I see or hear something like this. And the question is what will they be doing with 400 tubers of yams. Is it that they are planning to re-sell them or what? I’ll ask this question if I was the bride I swear.”

@ayinla_mayowa1 said:

“But sir, I’ve been willing to ask, why do some family do this? Is it that they do this intentionally to frustrate the man’s effort to marry their daughter or their greed just want to milk every last penny from a man’s pocket?”


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