“N2.6 million for just one hair?”- Reactions as hair vendor reveals prices of wigs

Social media users have gone wild after a hair vendor showed off her collection of wigs and prices.

A TikTok user known as Candycurisng shared the video of herself advertising her wigs and placing name and price on each wigs.

In the video, the lowest price seen was N800k. The highest price of her hair wig is N2.6 million, which generated massive reactions from the public.

Reacting to the video, goldainwang wrote: “Did you bring them from costa Rica.”

chiburuoma20 said: “Manifesting wealth into my life so I can rock some of these this year.”


Heisderah added: “so somebody is carrying my school fees and children school fees on their head like this.”


dinmagold6 added: “I don’t like cheap things. Money for land, plus cement and sand come furnish am.”

Shugabee7 added: “I was thinking I’ll see the one of 6million though… these are too cheap for me, plus the fact that she started really small(800k) was a huge turn off.”

Watch the video below:


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