Cindy okafor marks birthday with dress made from cement bags and nails as her hairstyle


Reality TV star, Cindy Okafor recently celebrated her birthday as she shared photos of herself looking stunning to mark her special day.


However, the reality tv star did something different and unique with her outfit. Looking at her dress, it is evident that there’s a high level of creativity in it as it was sewn out of different cement used bags. Her hairstyle also showcases creativity as it was made using different sizes of carpenters nails.



Cindy Okafor has a unique personal style and on her special day, she chose to go the extra mile and being the centre of attraction with her creatively styled cement used bags and nailed hairstyle. This shows how different her style is even the style of the cement used bags perfectly suited her body figure.

Check out some of the reactions and comments made by social media users after Cindy Okafor shared her creatively styled dress online.

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