30,000 Babies To Be Produced Yearly With ‘World Artificial Womb Facility’ (VIDEO)


The world is ever-changing with new scientific discoveries which will make life easier and more comfortable. Many pregnant women have died due to complications before, during, and after delivery. Hence a new technology has been invented which will act like an artificial womb facility that is capable of producing 30,000 babies per year


This technology will be very beneficial for couples who have issues with their fertility. Wonderfully, choosing an “Elite package” gives the parents the privilege of choosing the eye color, height, intelligence, and strength of their baby while avoiding genetic diseases. I’ll like to enlighten you about this artificial womb facility in this article

1. What is EctoLife?

After 50 years of extensive studies, EctoLife becomes the first artificial womb facility that can hatch 30000 babies yearly. It is a groundbreaking discovery for the world invented by Hashem Al-Ghaili who is a science communicator and biotechnologist from Berlin. EctoLife is made to simulate a woman’s womb and can grow a baby

2. Benefits of EctoLife

World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that around 300,000 deaths happen due to pregnancy complications which can be prevented by EctoLife. The benefits of EctoLife Include;

1. It can help infertile couples conceive babies and become true biological parents

2. It can reduce human suffering during pregnancy and reduce C-sections

3. It will increase human population, especially in countries that suffer decline eg Japan, South Korea, and Bulgaria

4. Women whose wombs have been removed can still be mothers

5. C-sections and premature births will be a history

3. What is stopping EctoLife from becoming a reality?

According to Hashem the technology is already available but isn’t a reality due to ethical constraints. Every feature is completely scientific. Scientists and engineers have already achieved it.

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