Ndi Kato Replies Seun After He Said The LP Movement Is Not Enough To Win The 2023 Election

During an interview with Channels Television, the spokesperson of the Labour Party presidential campaign, Ndi Kato, replied to Seun Okinbaloye, the Channels TV Correspondent, after he claimed that the Labour Party’s movement is not enough to help them win the 2023 election. Seun stated that there are five states in the Southeast that are controlled by the APC, PDP, and APGA, pointing out that the Labour Party’s movement may not be able to win the election in February.

As regards this, Ndi Kato stated that the many people who have seen the Labour Party’s new system of politics and campaigning are envious of them and are trying to fix the old way of doing things into their new movement. She stated, however, that their movement is directed towards winning in 2023.

According to him, “the movement is enough.” I think that we have made so many steps forward, and this question brings us back. We make so many steps forward, and what we keep seeing is that we can see the progress you’re making on this platform, on this trail that you have blazed that other people are looking on. Enviously, they do not know how to get this same system that the Labour Party has gotten, but each time we get questions, each time we’re engaged, they will want to take this separate platform and fix it in the old ways of doing things.


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