Cristiano Ronaldo meets Ghanim Muhammad Al-Muftah who performed at the world cup opening ceremony



Five times Ballon d’or winner Cristiano Ronaldo who completed his switch to Saudi Arabia club side Al-Nassr is already enjoying his time in Saudi Arabia as he continues to make new friends and adjust to his new environment.

Yet to make his debut for the big Saudi Arabian club side Al-Nassr due to the club’s inability to register him and an impending two game suspension, he visited the famous Qatari poet, activist and YouTuber Ghanim Muhammad Al-Muftah.


New Al-Nassr signing Cristiano Ronaldo and Ghanim Muhammad Al-Muftah via Twitter photos

Ghanim Muhammad al-Muftah came into the limelight with his stunning opening ceremony performances at the just concluded 2022 FIFA world cup tournament in Qatar alongside Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman.

The 20 years old Ghanim Muhammad al-Muftah was born with a rare condition known as Caudal Regression Syndrome (CDS), his firm has risen ever since that world cup performance and his meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo will even help increase his popularity the more.

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