How 8-Year-Old Kiriku Came To Limelight Despite His Age

Enorense Victory, professionally known as Kiriku, is a kid skit-maker who has succeeded in making a name for himself in the entertainment despite his age.



Photo credit: Kiriku/Instagram.

In 2021, Kiriku’s video started making round all over social media through featuring in his uncle Enorense Destiny’s skits, better known as Umbrella Boy skits.

Kiriku is just an 8-year-old child but has become well-known by celebrities and fans all over social media for his charisma, cleverness and wise moves in skits, he was the first person who originated “Abeg Shift” slangs.



Kiriku is just 8, but has been featured in skits with popular skit makers like Oga Sabinus, Broda Shaggi, Officer Woos, Sirbalo and other popular skitmakers. He has also been featured with Nollywood Actress Chizzy Alichi Obio Oluebube and has got to meet with popular celebrities like Psquare, and Donjazzy.



Photo credit: Kiriku/Instagram.

Kiriku’s success story won’t be complete without mentioning one of his biggest supporters who helped him push his career to where it is today. Aside from Kiriku’s uncle Destiny, Tunde Ednut is another person who helped Kiriku through posting him till everyone got to know about him.

Today, Kiriku is successful with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 2.6 million on Tiktok. Kiriku is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after kid skit-makers and actors. What are your thoughts on this?

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