Cute Video as Bride Uses Only Her 5 Brothers as Bridesmaids, People Gush

For her wedding occasion, a beautiful bride used her five brothers as her bridesmaids.

A TikTok video that has gone viral showed how the bride’s brothers gathered around her as they posed for pictures.

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The beautiful siblings could pass off for a revered queen flanked by her dogged knights who would not want to see her hurt.

The lady’s brothers wore cream-like outfits while she sported a dark green dress as they played their bridesmaid roles well.

Many ladies looked forward to doing the same thing for their own weddings, while others gushed over how the siblings looked.

Social media reactions

“She’s survived all jealousy, witchcraft and envy that comes from the so called besties.”

“How I wish I had a handful of brothers I would make them my brides maids too.”

“I swear the husband must be very very careful with her heart.”

“That’s the best decision ever❤️✌️❤️✌️❤️because they will not expose their body to her husband because they are men.may God bless you dear.”

nadj said:

“We all know the restrictions she went through dating because her brothers made sure she won’t be played. who ll blame her after their hard work.”

“Bruh you break her heart and you’ll know why rainbow has different colors so beautiful.”

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