Reactions As Grand P’s Fiance Eudoxie Reveals She Paid Almost 10M For Aeroplane Ticket

The Ivorian model, Eudoxie Yao, Grand P’s fiance, has caused a stir online after she disclosed how she paid almost 10 million for a aeroplane ticket.

On a post Eudoxie Yao made on social media, she posted an adorable photo of herself sitting in the aeroplane on her verified Facebook page, and she wrote, first class by Emirates, nearly 10 million for a plane ticket, Enjoy life, it is too short. Eudoxie Yao had always shown off how much fun she had and how she travelled to different countries.




After Eudoxie Yao made this post, some fans have gathered under her comment section to react to the amount of money she claims she paid for just a ticket. A fan said the ticket wasn’t up to 10 million, but Eudoxie Yao told the fan that she paid for business class, that was why it was 10 million. What are your thoughts on the amount Eudoxie claim she paid?




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