My First Cousin And My Wife Started Sleeping Together After I Was Admitted In Hospital For 6 Months

A middle-aged man identified as Simon from Naivasha has revealed how his first cousin developed a relationship with his wife after he was admitted to the hospital for six months.

He was born and raised in Kiambu county but later relocated to Naivasha after completing his studies and securing a job as a technician. He later got into a relationship with a lady he met there which ended in a marriage. He sired 3 children with her.

On that fateful day, he woke up as usual and went to work. He however got electrocuted while trying at work where he lost consciousness. When he woke up, he found himself in Kenyatta hospital where the doctors confirmed that he had sustained 21% burns.

His wife and his first cousin who was very close to him used to visit him at the hospital. He was happy since he had promised to support his family by providing for them. After 6 months in the hospital, he was discharged and the neighbors would ask him who the man is because when he was in the hospital, he used to spend the night in his house.

He decided to do his investigation. His wife showed no interest in him bearing in mind that they had stayed for 6 months without sleeping together. She went ahead and told him that he can’t be able to satisfy her. When she asked her about their relationship with his cousin she said that they were dating and he was good in bed.

He was heartbroken. His wife packed everything the following morning and left him when he needed her the most. he later heard rumors that she went to live with his cousin. He said that he has forgiven them despite the pain they caused him.

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