I Didn’t Know My Father, I Grew Up Like An Orphan And I Didn’t Enjoy Protection Of A Father – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed that he did not know his father, and that because of that, he was constrained to behave himself wherever he went because he knew there was nobody to rescue him. He said this in a documentary which aired on Channels Television recently.



He said that when he was in secondary school, people begged for food every Friday at the mosque, and that when he travelled to Liverpool for holidays, what he saw was different from what life was like in Katsina.

In the report which was made by Sahara Reporters, Buhari said that when he visited Central Liverpool, he saw how everyone was well dressed and looking handsome, and he had to reflect on the streets back home in Katsina. He said that from his school days when he was going to the mosque on Fridays, he would see blind men, cripples and orphans begging for what to eat, and because of that, he said, “God, how can we understand?”



Speaking further, he admitted that he missed his father, but added that he was lucky. He said that the people of his generation were lucky.

He said – “I didn’t know my father; I grew up like an orphan which is like I didn’t enjoy the protection of a father. I didn’t know my father and I went to a boarding school for nine years – three for primary school and six for secondary school. Yes, I missed my daddy, but I was lucky; we are a generation of lucky people.”



In addition, he said – “So when I was away from home, I think I was constrained to behave myself because there was nobody to rescue me. So, I was behaving myself, and as I said, I became a class monitor. I became a junior prefect, I became senior prefect, I became a head boy.”


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