Lady Says She Knew Boyfriend Was Cheating When He Lasted Longer Than Usual

Pernille Torhov says she knew her lover was cheating when he lasted longer during gland-to-gland combat after being away for a week

The two had been dating for four months and had travelled for a short staycation with friends in Norway
The woman had strong suspicions something was amiss, and the guilty man confirmed her suspicions after a week

A lady has caught her boyfriend cheating after he lasted longer than usual.

Suspected boyfriend was cheating

When her boyfriend took a brief vacay with friends in their native Norway, Pernille Torhov, 22, had been seeing him for four months.

However, when he returned, she observed a rapid change in their bedroom life that raised red flags.

Pernille claimed she had strong suspicions something was amiss after he stayed in bed longer than normal; a week later, the guilty partner admitted to cheating.

According to Daily Mail UK, the lady explained that she did not expect her boyfriend to last long since they had been apart for a week.
The man confessed

However, she did not ask him directly and even tried to convince herself that she was just paranoid and decided to leave it at that.

After a week, he sent her a Snapchat message that confirmed her suspicions.

Part of the message read:

“I’ve been such a coward to wait until now. It hurts to think about how good and kind you are to me, and this is what you get back from me. I am quite disappointed with myself because this is really not the person I want to be.”

Noting that she had been cheated on in the past made her aware of the red flags that lead her to the truth.

She, however, took the man back because he was sweet ad gentle, but her friends did not approve of her decision.

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