Bishop Oyedepo Releases Seven Prophecies For 2023


The founder of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, has released his prophecies for the new year 2023. He released all his prophecies after the sermon he preached at the crossover service, which he titled, Unveiling The Platform For Speedy Fulfillment of Prophecies.


He warned his congregation not to mock prophetic words, because they are not mere words, but words from the mouth of God, as revealed to his servants the prophets.

“Prophetic words are not predictions. They are not motivational speeches,” he said.

He also revealed that when a prophet speaks and it comes to pass, then the prophet is truly called of God, but if it fails to come to pass, then he has spoken presumptuously. He said that the fact that there are fake prophets around is prove that there are genuine ones.

“There are fake currencies flying around because there is the original. There are fake, income generating, money grabbing prophets because there is the original. And by the election of grace, the man standing before you is one of the prophets of God today,” he said.

He went on to release his prophecies for the year 2023.

1) The year 2023 shall be a year of wild fire spiritual awakening, where every winner shall be walking in the fear of God as a way of life, thereby attracting multitudes to the faith and to the church.

“In 2023 our lifestyle will be a spiritual aroma. People will know that something has changed,” he said.

2) 2023 shall be a year of outbreak of light that will lead to supernatural change of story for us as individuals.

3) There shall be a new dimension of explosive church growth in 2023 above all that we have ever heard or experienced as a commission till date.

“Awesome time,” he said.

4) There shall be the rise of an army of giants, the kind the world has never known from our midst in 2023, the darkness and gloominess of the world notwithstanding.

“Don’t be carried away by what is happening to them. You are not part of it. God will make a difference between you and them,” he said.

5) There shall be a rise of global solution providers from among us in the year 2023.

“It will be a Winners World year,” he said.

6) There shall be a rise of global financiers from this commission from the year 2023 onwards.

“Big time financiers will rise from our midst. Nations will look out for them,” he said.

7) God shall be turning men and women, boys and girls in this commission to signs and wonders, individuals that will be operating on the frequency of the supernatural in their various fields of endeavours.

He told his congregation to thank God for the prophecies and show that they believe God and the prophet he had sent to them.

He read from Ezekiel 33:32-33, where God warned the people of Israel not to take the prophetic words as entertainment.

“Prophetic words are not predictions. They are declarations of the future. He that knows the end from the beginning has shown this to you,” he said.


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