“This Is My First Time Outside Nigeria” – Cute Abiola Says As He Visits Mecca And Medina.


Most of us are quite familiar with the name Cute Abiola, a fast-rising star who came into the limelight a few years ago as a skit maker and he has been doing great since then. He was recently discharged by the Nigerian navy and that has given him the chance to fulfill his longtime dream to travel out of Nigeria.


He took to her social media account on Instagram to share new pictures of himself as he spend quality time alone in Mecca And Medina, he posted these pictures with an interesting caption saying that this is his first time outside Nigeria because he has always wanted to make his visit to Mecca And Medina as his first one before he visits the rest of the world.


2022 has been an amazing year for him as he was appointed to the public post in Kwara State and he can now be called Honorable, Alhaji AbdulGafar Ahmed Abiola and he also thank Kwara State Governor for what he has done for him so far.

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