Secondus Is Not My Benefactor, He Supported Me And I Appreciated Him With N50b Contract – Wike

The governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has blasted the former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Uche Secondus, for claiming that he was his benefactor. Nyesom Wike categorically stated that Uche Secondus is not his benefactor because he did not bring him to power.


Nyesom Wike went on to say that the only thing Uche Secondus did for him was to show him his support when he was contesting for election. Wike disclosed that he awarded several contracts that were worth around N50 billion to Uche Secondus as a way of showing appreciation to him for his support.

Nyesom Wike listed some notable families in Rivers State that backed him up politically and financially when he was seeking political power. Peter Odili’s family was among the family that Nyesom Wike listed as those families he sees as his benefactor.

Nyesom Wike stated that there is no other state in Nigeria where someone will be appreciated for supporting the governor of the state with N50 billion contract. Nyesom Wike told Uche Secondus that he cannot be his benefactor because he did not make him the governor of Rivers State.

Nyesom Wike went on to say that Uche Secondus did not sponsor his election and for that reason he cannot claim to be his benefactor. He went on to say that Uche Secondus should see him as his benefactor because he made him the National Chairman of PDP even when members of the party opposed his emergence as the national chairman.

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