Portable Chills With Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor in New Photos



Zazuu Crooner, Portable has been trending since the early hours of today. This is as a result of the way he chose to make his entrance on stage. Portable was carried inside a coffin, and this has generated alot of reactions online. The singer has flown out of Nigeria, and is currently in Togo where he was spotted chilling with former Arsenal star player, Emmanuel Adebayor.

He posted the video of himself as the duo met for probably the first time. After greeting him, Portable then faced the camera and said that anybody who doesn’t have money, should do ritual. He then added that if you do ritual, you will die and even if you don’t, you will still die. He then said it’s better to do ritual and be rich before dying. After saying this, all of them including Emmanuel Adebayor started laughing.


Click here to watch the video


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