No Amount Of Money Can Tempt Me Away From Arsenal –Odegaard


Arsenal midfielder, Martin Odegaard has insisted that he feels at home at the Emirates and has no intention of leaving the club for any amount.

The skipper has revealed he wants to stay at the club for years and praised the culture and welcome he first received.

“There is not much that can lure me away from here. I have a very good time here.

“The way it is now, I can see myself being here for several years.

“I want to do something special here. Take part in shaping the club and winning things. That is the big goal. The plan is certainly to be here for a while.

‘I’ve moved a lot over the years. Landing a bit and feeling like I’m in a place where I’m going to be, that’s a good feeling. Hopefully I will be here for many years.”

“When I came here, I really felt at home from day one. I was received very well, everything was very natural.

“I felt like part of the team and the group from the start, so it felt very good to come here.

‘Very nice people in the club. People who care about you and who really want you to succeed. Who really tries to do their part for you to succeed.

“And who have a bit of the same passion that I have, I feel, to really get better and work on things then. It was a good match right away.”

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