Don Little Acquires Brand New Mercedes Benz CLA, Struggles to Pick Item From Car Boot in Video

Popular Kumawood actor, Don Little, stunned many folks as a video that surfaced showed his newly acquired Mercedes Benz CLA.

Don Little

Some peeps were surprised that Don Little owned such an expensive luxury car. In the video, Don Little opened the boot of the vehicle and tried to reach for an item at the far end of the trunk.

Due to Don Little’s miniature stature, he could not get a hold of the item and had to use the car’s DV number plate to draw it closer to his reach. Don Little’s friend, who took the video, teased the Kumawood star for struggling to reach the item.

He said, Don had spent so much money to buy the luxury vehicle but could not reach an item in its trunk. Many people who saw the video wondered how Don was going to drive the vehicle given how little he was.

The Kumawood actor has however proven on multiple occasions that he could drive in spite of his height, as he was spotted driving a Toyota Corolla.

Don Little sparks reactions

brytdollagh said:

So tico dey he no go buy some

user818334753348 wrote:

i saw him driving at adjiringanor

Kofi Bruce556 asked:

So Can he drive this car ?

Kobby DE Don acknowledged his wealth:

amanfo) w) sika oo

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