Bobrisky is rumored to be pregnant and expecting his first child


Controversial Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky is allegedly pregnant according to some social media users who have come across his most recent video looking all lam at an event.

Despite the fact that Bob is a guy, his current appearance is that of a significantly pregnant lady who is about to give birth.

Bob wore native iro and buba in this brief film, complete with headgear and gold ornaments. He sampled the meal presented to him in the video.

His face was large and puffy, and he appeared exhausted, much like a pregnant lady.

Many netizens are now questioning his gender, wondering if he has actually transitioned into a woman or if he is still a man.

Meanwhile, a man can only conceive after undergoing a gender reassignment surgery and become pregnant through artificial insemination.

Check out some of the comments gathered under the fast-trending video;

otorroseline – He looks pregnant

jessicaposh1 – This woman is pregnant from the looks. Bob just take cross dressing into a new level. How is Jamesbrown?

iam_soggys – He looks pregnant. Wish her safe delivery
grace_found_me_always – Bobrisky looks pregnant ? his face especially

mor__r33n__ – Be like our mummy of Lagos don get belle oo
christylanky – Injections wen this one dy take don make am look like pregnant woman

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