Wiz Khalifa Wrote ‘See You Again’ in 15 Minutes – You Won’t Believe How Much He Made

Ask anyone, and he may need to recognize Cameron Jibril Thomaz. But quiz on Whiz Khalifa; chances are he will be pointed out instantly. As he embarked on a musical journey at fifteen, the Pittsburgh native made his way across significant landmarks. One of the songs he wrote way back in 2014 managed to build a steady fan base. No wonder it has attracted more than five billion views to date. It is another matter entirely that the time he took to pen it might serve as a shocker to most purists.

It is often said that all good things take time. After all, God took seven days to create! Though unbeknownst to most, few windfalls do culminate before you know it.

The Whiz Khalifa song, still breaking records

Whiz Khalifa joined Logan Paul and his friends Mike Majlak and George Janko in the latest episode of the hugely successful podcast Impaulsive. Launched some four years ago, more than a million subscribe to the podcast. The rapper took the trio through his life, from the Pittsburg studios to big, state-of-the-art stations.

Over the course of their discussion, Logan commented on watching the video of his hit single ‘See You Again.’ The numbers associated with the Furious 7 original soundtrack shocked him.

Curious to understand the rapper’s writing process, Logan Paul asked, “…I’m really curious about this process because as a creative it it’s sometimes hard, you know…”

Khalifa added his bit on how they received the beats for the song, “…and they literally gave me like a list of words was like this word this word like family bonding uh never turn back like …and was like all right now write your verse and like and that’s how we did it.”

Surprised, Mike wanted to know whether fixed formats worked or went against the rapper’s writing style. Nonplussed, Khalifa responded that it helped him instead. But he undertook the exercise like a duck to water, as he was already into writing lyrics for a reasonably long time.

Logan immediately jumped as he asked the time he took to write ‘See You Again.’ And pat came the Pittsburgh rapper’s response, “15 minutes.”

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