When I Saw The Crowd At BAT’s House, I Thought They Were Sharing Bags Of Rice So I Slowed Down—Abati

During the Arise TV morning show, the Nigerian journalist and presenter, Dr Reuben Abati, reacted to the gathering of people in front of the APC presidential candidate residence in Lagos, pointing out that he thought they were distributing bags of rice when he first saw them.



Reuben Abati added that he was driving in his car when he saw them, and after seeing them, he slowed down, stating that he thought they were sharing bags of rice. He revealed that he slowed down to get his own share, thinking they were sharing bags of rice.


According to him, “In the evening, I noticed something; I passed through the front of Tinubu’s residence and I saw a crowd of people there; I was shocked, in fact, for a moment, I slowed down, and I thought maybe they were distributing bags of rice so that I could collect my own because the crowd was so much on both sides of the street.” In fact, turning in front of that building was serious. At 7 p.m., people were piled upon each other, waiting for Christmas gifts. “There’s struggle in this country; that 133 million figure that the national bureau of statistics gave is real.” 

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