Reason Why I Believe Big Brother is See-Finish – Laycon Spill

Big Brother is coming back to our screens in less than a month, and of course the conversation about the head and tail of the show is once again in the air. People have many thoughts about Big Brother. Some people love it and some people really hate it. For people who actually go through the show as contestants, they of course possess a unique perspective than none of us on the outside have.

Big Brother Naija Season 5 winner, Laycon, sat down for an interview with Osi for the Youtube talk show “The Sauce With Osi” and during his appearance, Laycon opened up about Big Brother Naija being a double edged sword and how he feels it gives see-finish to its contestants.

Here is what Laycon had to say to the criticisms that the show is like a poisoned chalice.

During Laycon’s appearance on the show, Osi said to him “I say this everytime especially on the radio how I feel Big Brother Naija is like a poison chalice. A poison chalice being I feel it takes way more than it gives. Because yeah it gives you the platform, it gives you the opportunity to be famous, to become a superstar, become a celebrity and live your dream. But when you now look at what it takes because a lot of people now have to benchmark their lives towards what their fans believe that they should be doing. You’re having fanbases making up gifts when we don’t even know what is real or what is true anymore. We have people who can’t be themselves anymore because they’re trying to live this alternate social media version of themselves.” Laycon responded saying:

I mean, first of, it’s you. It’s a you thing. Yeah, Big Brother is a double edged sword like anything else. But what me I think is yeah it gives you fame but it gives you see-finish.

“When you say see-finish, how do you mean?”

Because people watch your flaws. People watch you make mistakes. And the thing about human beings is that they have an idea of how other people should live their lives rather than themselves. Like, I can tell you things that are wrong with what you’re doing but I can’t see what is wrong with me because I have refused to ask myself important questions and give myself honest answers. So I think the thing is people watch you do those things on TV and they feel that they know you. It’s just three months. Come on. After that, there is more years. Before that, [there were years]. So I think yeah, it’s a double edged sword but then it gives you fame. Fame to do what? What do you want to do? Before you went there, what were you? Who did you want to become? People come to meet me and say “can you advice me, I want to go for Big Brother”.

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