“My House Girl Wears my Bra for me, Rub my Cream at my Back and Wears my Shoes for me” Bobrisky.

Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky has taken to social media to disclose the kind of job that he assigns to his house help at his home.



The brand influencer who made such revelation through his official Snapchat account, announced that his house girl stole gold jewelry from him and he asked her to pack her bag and leave his house.

According to Bobrisky, his house girl had already stole the jewelry and decided to leave his house when she was stopped by his gate man. The noise generated by the maid and the gate man made him to come downstairs and he was surprised when he met her already glammed up and ready to leave his house.

Bobrisky further revealed that his house help had already packed all her belongings and when she was searched, he saw the jewelry which she stole from him in her bag, adding that people should be careful this period because their maids want to steal and show off in the village.

The crossdresser went ahead to state that he needs house girls because he is a public figure, adding that he needs help in cleaning his home and also glam up.

According to Bobrisky;

“I have four house help, they are all girls. 2 clean the house, 1 wear my bra for me, rub my cream at my back, wear my shoes for me and also get all my cloth ready for me.

“The last one write everything we need in the house, food stuffs, gas, water bill, Nepa bill and my personal stuffs too, she goes to the market too”.

Here is Bobrisky’s post below;





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