Jealous Dog Nabs Owner Kissing Her Lover in Sitting Room, Shoves Man Aside and Takes Over in Funny Video

A hilarious video which surfaced on TikTok showed the moment a dog exhibited signs of jealousy

In the video, the dog owner invited her lover over and was having a nice time with him when her dog interrupted

In the interesting video, the jealous dog shove the young man aside and took over the middle position

A video captures a dog getting jealous after spotting its owner with her man in the sitting room.

A hilarious video shows the smart dog shoving off the man after seeing him kiss its owner passionately.

Dog nabs man kissing its owner
Photo Credit: @iamskyhollywood/TikTokSource: UGC

The dog immediately took over the middle position and stared into its lover’s face in an attempt to know if she was okay.

Social media users have reacted massively to the video with several people hailing the dog for being jealous and protective at the same time.

Social media reactions

@badgerl1303 said:

“If my dog hears lip smacking. He is like “Oh hell no, not today!”

@davidlawrence8259 stated:

“The American pit bull is so protective of the owners. You got too love them.”

@lolog321 said:

“The way the dog looks like are you okay hon. I protect you.”

@mreneesimp reacted:

“Thought my dog was the only one.”

@bluecitysea said:

“There are many things that come between a man and is woman. Nw man’s best friend is in on it too.”

@perfectgentleman123_ stated:

“He she’s do that nonsense again and see something immediately.”

@foxxyladyk added:

“That’s how our miniature schnauzer is behind my dad! He can’t stand when my mom kisses my dad.”

Watch the video below:

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