My Boss In Saudi Arabia Found Out I Was Sleeping With Her Son In Her House.

Elicah from Mombasa painfully narrated how her employer found out that she was sleeping with her son in her house, something that she regretted afterwards.

According to her she was born and raised in Mombasa. She finished her secondary education and she got married to a young man she had met in her village. The two lived happily until when she gave birth to their first child.



She said that her husband changed and started abusing her. He barely bought food nor pay for their rent. Due to this she relocated back to her parents house. While at home her mother paind her college education and also took care of her baby.While she was in college she got a job as a househelp on Saudi Arabia. She told her mother about the job and her mother didn’t like the idea. Therefore a few weeks later she lied to her that she had got another job in Dubai while she was still going to Saudi Arabia.


According to her she left soon after and her employer was kind to her. She paid her on time and provided for her food and accomodations. She said that things changed when her boss’s son came to live with them.He started to make sexual advances towards her and she refused at first. However he promised to pay her well for her services and she agreed. She would sleep with him when her boss was away from home and get paid in return.

She said that this went on for months and one day they were cought. Her employer had gone to work when she went to sleep with her boss’s son. Unfortunately her boss came back home earlier than expected and found them in the act in her room.

“My boss found us in the act in my room and she started to beat me.” Elicah said.

She said that her boss was angry and started to beat her mercylessly. She hit her woth a metal that broke her arm and chased her away without her documents. Due to this she was left homeless and she was arrested by local police who took her to hospital. After her treatment she was taken to the deportation camp where she was later deported back to Kenya.

She has advised young girls working in Arab countries to be careful and not give in to advance s from their r bosses and their bosses relatives.

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