Gate man caught sleeping with pastors wife on his matrimonial bed

There was drama in Mkushi town after a gateman was caught ‘eating’ the fruit of a prominent pastor’s wife on his matrimonial bed on Friday night.

The gateman who was identified as Abdul Kabinga is said to have been eyeing on the Pastor’s wife who has been married for the last 16 years.

According to eyewitnesses, Kabinga was seen jumping off a perimeter wall which separated his working place with the Pastor’s residence.

The witness said that he did not suspect there could emerge strange drama. “Because Kabinga is a gateman, I thought he was going to assist in the neighbourhood.”

He said that, from his home he could see Kabinga and the pastor’s wife leaning on the walls of the house where they were seemingly getting close to each other in a suspicious way.

He said that he was prompted to get closer to the pastor’s residence to find out what was happening in between the two.

“I got out of my house and before reaching the pastor’s residence I did not find the two lovebirds since they had already entered the house.” He said.

The two love birds had started mating before they started screaming for help from the neighbourhood when efforts to de-touch themselves hit the rocks.

The eyewitness said when he got the pastor’s residence he heard ” Aaaaiii Njafweniko.”

He said their screams attracted a swarm of taxis operators and near by residents who thronged the residence to have a glimpse of the strange incident.

Another eyewitness who is a taxi operator said that he once ferried the pastor and he heard him tell a friend that he sought services of a traditional healer after he realised his wife was unfaithful to his marriage.

Later in the night, it is reported that the two lovebirds were separated by the notorious Mpika based traditonal healer Dr. Volodya (260971943970)and whom the pastor had sought his services to harmonize his body ,mind and innerself .

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