Didier Drogba’s Son: Current Club, Age And Position

The life of African legend Didier Drogba currently portrays the parallelism “like father, like son” as his son who’s name is Isaac Drogba is currently a professional football player.

Didier Drogba seeing his son follow in his father’s admirable footsteps in life is one of a father’s greatest delights. The son of Didier Drogba, who plays football himself, is presently carrying on his father’s footballing legacy. Isaac Drogba is his son, and he currently represents Coimbra B after leaving Caratese.



Due to his dedication and rapid development, Isaac Drogba has already displayed enormous potential. The youthful athlete has a good chance of becoming a great player like his father Didier Drogba in the future.


He had previously played for Chelsea (Chelsea youth team), Guingamp Under 19 team, Caratese, and now Coimbra B. Despite his young age (21), the young star player is very impressive as he can play as either a winger or a center forward.


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