Shakira and Pique agree to keep their separation agreement confidential

Shakira and Pique
Shakira and Pique

The split between Shakira and Gerard Pique seems to have come to an end on 1 December, when both went to a family court in Barcelona to ratify before the judge the agreement they had reached, an agreement which included the tricky issue of the custody of their children.

Both attended the meeting, although they entered through different doors and at different times, but the reports indicated that they were together for approximately 15 minutes making their statements.

It was another tense moment in the difficult process of finalizing their definitive separation as a couple.

However, one of the most striking aspects of the meeting was learning that, by decision of both parties, the document would remain totally secret.

They understand that this is the best way to maintain the privacy of the details of what has been agreed.

Therefore, apart from the judge, only the lawyers and the couple will have access to what has been decided upon.

Possible leaks

The pair want to protect themselves from possible leaks in such a delicate matter, in which their two children are involved.

Moreover, it seems that the Colombian will be heading to Miami with her parents and children after Christmas, while Pique is trying to get over this bad situation he is living through.

Shakira has also had to come out and refute information that pointed to a possible new relationship, this time with the surfing teacher with whom she usually meets in Cantabria.

The singer has denied it, trying to nip the rumors about both of them in the bud.


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