How My Mum Gave Me HIV And My Father Advised I Shouldn’t Tell Family Members And Friends

A 21-year-old fashion designer known as Jide has disclosed how he contacted HIV virus from his mother and how his father advised him not to let his friends or family members know about his HIV status.



As Nigeria joined the global community to mark the national AIDS day, there are people with the virus who have disclosed how they got to have HIV. Jide was among those who narrated his ordeal.

Jide revealed how he got HIV from his Mother from birth his parents started giving him one particular drug and didn’t know why they would always give him the drugs while his sister didn’t take such drugs. He said that whenever he asked his parents, they would say it was for cough, malaria or Typhoid. He revealed how his parents always monitor him to make sure he takes his drugs.



This continued till one day his mother died without telling him the real reason why he always give him such drugs, then his father continued from where his mother stopped, at some point, when he was 14-year-old, he got frustrated because he kept taking the drugs despite the fact he has no Typhoid or malaria, until one-day he refused to take the drugs, then his father broke the secret through a family doctor, he was traumatized and thought that was the end of life, so his father told him he has HIV too and advised him not to tell family members and his friends in other to avoid stigmatization and discrimination.

Jide also added that his girlfriend who is HIV-negative doesn’t know he is HIV-positive, although he is planning to tell her when he discovers she loves him so much. He has also advised parents to always tell their children about their status.


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