“You served me what you can’t eat” – Man breaks up with girlfriend after she cooked stew for him with spoilt tomatoes

A heartbroken man has ended his relationship with his girlfriend after she served him stew made with spoilt tomatoes.

@Davina_rh on Twitter shared screenshots of the WhatsApp chat between the young man and his girlfriend.

According to the sad man, he ended the relationship because his girlfriend intentionally included bad tomatoes when cooking for him. After preparing stew with the bad tomatoes, she didn’t eat with him as she claimed she was not hungry at the moment.

However, she later confessed that she didn’t eat because of the bad tomatoes and this was a red flag to her boyfriend.

@Davina_rh shared the story with the caption:

Ni**a broke up with his girl all because of tomato, if you don’t fear men, I don’t know what else you should fear 😂.”

See the post below:


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