Shakira has reportedly found love again with her surf instructor


Although it hasn’t been confirmed, several sources indicate they are an item


Has Shakira re-established her love life? According to Nuestro Diario, the Colombian looks to have found love again.

After the tense situation between the singer and the now ex-football player Gerard Pique over the last few months, it seems like the waters are now much calmer.

Calm enough that the two are now back to living their lives. This could be, although it hasn’t been confirmed, one of the reasons why the singer looks to have found someone else.

Shakira’s new partner is a 24-year-old surf instructor


According to reports, the new man is 24-year-old Gorka Ezkurdia. As seen in several photos, the two look to be really close, though it could just be a strong friendship.


The photos show the two surfing, as he is her instructor.

It isn’t the first time they have been seen together, as there has already been speculation about a possible relationship between the two in recent weeks.

The photos were taken while Shakira is taking some time out for herself.

The Colombian, who has been quite busy in recent times, decided now was the right time for surf lessons with her instructor, and perhaps even more.



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