Massive Fight Breaks Out in the Belgium Dressing Room Between Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard as Romelu Lukaku Forced to Intervene

This FIFA World Cup is a tournament of upsets and controversies. The reports are full of underdogs winning and altercations. Iran and USA situation isn’t even solved yet, we have another news of heated argument which may have gone physical. Roads are on fire in Belgium after their shocking defeat against Morocco. Fans are angry and the team must win their next match against Croatia on 1st December. Reports are that three of the Belgium players, including Kevin De Bruyne, got into a heated altercation in the dressing room after their match against Morocco.

Belgium was in FIFA’s top 5 rankings before this tournament. Fans were hoping for smooth sailing in the group stage with a shot at the title.

Belgium started their campaign by defeating Canada 1-0, and although they won, it did not impress fans because of their performance. However, they have no idea the humiliation they have to face when their team loses to the underdogs of the group by two goals.

Kevin De Bruyne engaged in an altercation with his teammates

According to reports, Kevin De Bruyne, Jan Vertonghen, and captain Eden Hazard got into a heated altercation in the dressing room after their defeat against Morocco. Romelu Lukaku had to intervene to break up the kerfuffle. Fans are in shock. Such an underwhelming performance of Belgium baffles Soccer pundits too. The team is sitting at the third spot on the group table and has to win against Croatia to qualify.

Earlier, De Bruyne had said that the Belgian team is too old to lift the world cup. It has been visible in the team’s recent performances. However, Jan Vertonghen had a different response to the Manchester City star’s statements.

Reports suggest that the situation has badly affected the Belgian dressing room during their world cup campaign. De Bruyne is reportedly not on speaking terms with Thibaut Courtois.

Not only players but fans are also losing calm, many fans took to the streets of Brussels to show their anger. The demonstration turned into a violent riot and several private properties got vandalized, vehicles got burned and a reporter got injured. Hundreds of policemen had to lock down the area to contain the violence.

News from FIFA World cup 2022

Iran is asking for the removal of USMNT from the competition as they posted an altered Iranian flag. USMNT stated they did it to show support for women’s rights. Both teams will come face to face in a group-defining match.

Brazil had cemented their spot in the Round of 16 as they won their 2nd match 1-0 against Switzerland. Portugal also qualified in the next round as they beat Uruguay 2-0. Argentina will face Poland on Wednesday, winning the match will cement their spot for the next round.

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