NRC hikes train fares across all routes

The Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) has hiked train fares across all its operational routes on the standard gauge rail in the country. (TNG) reports that the new rates announced by the NRC are to commence with effect from 1st December 2022.

According to an internal memo signed and released by Mr Ola Adeeyinwo, a Deputy Director at NRC, the Lagos-Ibadan, Warri-Itakpe and Abuja-Kaduna routes are all affected.

According to the memo obtained by TNG on Wednesday, travelling from Lagos to Ibadan on the 24-seater coaches will now cost N9,000; on the 56 and 68-seater coaches, N6,500 and 88-seater coaches, N3,600.

Meanwhile, fares for Lagos to Abeokuta have been raised for the 24-seater coaches to N6,000; 56 and 68-seater coaches, N4,500 and 88-seater coaches, N3,000.

For Abeokuta to Ibadan, 24-seater coaches, N3,000; 56 and 68-seater coaches, N2,000 and 88-seater coaches, N1,000.

Fares for minors on the route have been pegged at N3,000 for Lagos to Ibadan, N2,000 for Lagos to Abeokuta and N600 for Abeokuta to Ibadan.

For the Warri-Itakpe train services (WITS), Ujevwu to Itakpe on the 56-seater coaches will now cost N9,000 while on the 88-seater coaches, it will be N5,000.

From Ujevwu to Uromi on the 56-seater coaches, the price has been pegged at N5,500 while on the 88-seater coaches, it will be N2,500.

However, for Uromi to Itakpe, the price is now N4,000 on the 56-seater coaches and N2,500 for the 88-seater coaches.

Fares for minors on the route have been pegged at N2,500 for Ujevwu to Itakpe, N1,500 for Ujevwu to Uromi and N1,500 Uromi to Itakpe.

Similarly, for the Abuja-Kaduna train services (AKTS), from Idu to Rigasa, the price has been pegged at N9,000 for 24-seater coaches, N6,500 for 56 and 68-seater coaches and N3,600 for 88-seater coaches while minors will pay N3,000 flat.

The NRC stated that earlier approved add-on costs that are deductible from every ticket sales are to
apply and that the changes take immediate effect.


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