Lady Who Claimed She Never Cheated Becomes Confused As DNA Result Proves Her Child Does Not Belong to Husband

A confused Ghanaian lady’s story has been shared by popular Facebook influencer David Bondze-Mbir

It emerged that the young lady found out her child is not for her husband although she never cheated

Many social media users have been trying to find reasons for which the woman’s plight could occur

A young lady in Ghana is seeking answers online after learning of a rather strange development from her doctor whom she confided in.

In a narration to famous social media influencer, David Bondze-Mbir, the lady who spoke anonymously indicated that she noticed some strange characteristics in one of her children and decided to run tests on her.

According to her, she decided to run a secret DNA test on the young girl and it turned out that the child is hers but her husband is not the father of the baby.

Photo of mother looking confused

This, the woman says, is so confusing because she had never had an affair with another man since she met her husband.

Ghanaians tried offering possible scenarios

Below were some of the possibilities Ghanaians thought could have caused the child to have a different DNA although the woman never cheated.

David Bondze-Mbir commented on his own post saying:

I do believe her when she says she’s not known anyone besides her husband. Some health professionals are suggesting a probability of a child carrying just one parent’s DNA, and that, it’s scientifically proven.

Hilda Kweinorkie Addo stated:

What if she was drugged by the husband and his friend or a random man he made a deal with slept with his wife? And he wants to use it against her so he eventually ends things with her?? Or the man himself is impotent and all her kids ain’t his??

David Bondze-Mbir l tried checking the net whether this situation is possible. From what l read there is possibility of a child’s DNA not matching with a parent’s own. She should do maternity DNA test too.

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