Renowned Photographer, Who Captured Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s Iconic Chess Picture

The world is going gaga over the iconic Louis Vuitton photoshoot of soccer legends Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Fans have flooded the internet with the brilliance of Vuitton’s ad campaign, A Victory Is A State Of Mind. Moreover, with the arrival of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the picture has amassed massive appreciation.


Although photographer Annie Leibovitz has done great work with the soccer stars, she was heavily slammed by fans for poorly capturing celebrated gymnast Simone Biles in 2020.

Four-time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles was on the cover picture of Vogue’s August issue. The photo attracted mixed reactions from fans, as many thought that it did not capture Simone in the right way.

Why did fans criticize Annie Leibovitz for Simone Biles’ picture?

Simone Biles featured in Vogue’s August edition in 2020, and her picture was captured by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. Previously, Annie had also taken some of the Rolling Stones’ most famous cover photographs. She is famous for covering very expressive portraits of celebrities. However, her 2020 portrait of Simone Biles didn’t get the expected reception from fans. The popular opinion indicated that the photographer had not done her best job covering Simone. Fans criticized the dim lighting in the portrait as it made the gymnast look unflattering.

Vogue’s campaign with Biles titled, ‘No Competition’, was very close to her. She explained her affinity with the campaign in the interview with Vogue;

“Growing up, I didn’t see very many Black gymnasts,”

Biles continued, “So whenever I did, I felt inspired to go out there and want to be as good as them. I remember watching Gabby Douglas in the 2012 Olympics, and I was like, ‘If she can do it, I can do it.”

In the interview, Biles explained that she loved gymnastics but opposed the beauty competition. Every female athlete has to experience a beauty test by society, no matter how good they are in sports. The gymnast urged every girl to ignore such ludicrous comparisons.

When is Biles getting married?

Simone is currently engaged to the NFL player Jonathan Owens. The couple met online during the pandemic and got engaged in February 2022. Since then, they have been busy arranging their dreamy wedding. Although they are yet to reveal the date, it is set to happen in 2023.

Recently, in an Instagram post, she updated her fans on her wedding dress hunt. Moreover, the Biles and Owens wedding has gathered great hype from fans. Hopefully, the couple will soon release more details of it.

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