Please Never Give Head to Any Lady Except Your Wife: Important lesson to Single and Married Man



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Nigerian Guy took to his Social Media Narrating the problem his facing right now to everyone to learn from his mistake.

See his message below;

Joro am in the hospital since morning. From friday till today I can’t feel my tongue or taste in my tongue. Some sours is there.

My tongue is like glue to my upper mouth side.


PLEASE I beg you. Am In pain. Am crying

since morning. All my allowance is almost gone on this. Have learnt my lesson

Joro I promise God I will never give head in my life till they bury me. If I give head again God should let me die.

If I give head, God should sentenced me. I promise.

Don’t give head to any girl. Please and Please. I thought am dead already. Till nurse wake me up.

But still Happy that am Alive.

See his message below;




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