How Yomi Fash Lanso Wife Cheated On Him With Activist Kole For 2000$ (More Details Within)

A popular faceless blogger Gistlover has Raise alarm over how Yomi Fash Lanso Wife was snatch because of 2000$.

Read what he wrote on his Instagram page;

Hello tueh tueh, when the hunter gets hunted 😂😂😂 Detoun kole boode, kole boode, Adetoun tilekun Mori ,kole boode(she can’t come out, she cant come out, Adetoun don lock her door, she can’t show face) an activist suddenly goes mute and even off her comment section, nothing to defend again, all evidence are out, anyways no be because of this one I come here.lets get to business.

A quick trip to the real personality of Adetoun Onajobi parading herself as Justadetoun online.

You see if there is anything I hate with passion it’s pretense, lies and deceit, Adetoun has all and even more,she is manipulative, chase clout with people’s misfortune . I am happy people are seeing her for who she is, shebi he don dey clear now??

Adetoun Onajobi is known in the evirons of magodo as a top call girl that even pimps girls to some of the topshot she knows, she likes attention alot and anything that will make her be in the limelight she likes it, she has. Children for three different men of which Lanre Adeniyi( popular LIRS Fraudster )is her latest catch.full Details on Lanre Adeniyi scam later.
Her last baby daddy,the one before Larry, caught her at Delabo hotel with Actor Yomi fash lanso who happens to be her then boyfriend even while she was married to the Baby Daddy, it was a messy scene then,She is one of APC TOP SPIES and work closely with them behind closed doors.

One thing that Detoun does again is, Nobody is saying don’t be an ogboni, do your ogboni in peace and stop hiding under God’s Name, Toun is a known member of the ogboni, a confirmed one at that, if you are an initiate if you enter her page you did see it all over, she even uses their terms often, now seeing this same person cloutchasing with God’s name, identified as a gospel artist shock me,her victims know her so well, even Larry legal wife wey she pursue comot , she show her shege, till tomorrow if you ask the woman how the whole thing started, she is always scared to talk , she almost lost her l1fe even after toun don collect her husband finish,still dey use jazz fight her, so this is the interesting part of Toun story, her current husband part,this part will interest you alot and you will be wond

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