Caring Mother Welcomes Daughter After Her Marriage Crashed, Converts Garage Into Apartment

A mother of one, @naydaniellexo, who had to leave her bad marriage, has spoken about the love and care her mother showed on her return home.

To make space for her daughter and her grandchild, the mother converted her garage into a flat for the single parent.

Grandma and daughter/lady left bad relationship.

Mother welcomes daughter home

In the emotional video, the work that was done to transform the garage into a habitable space was properly filmed. Many people were wowed.

Social media users who reacted to the video said that the lady is indeed lucky to have a mother who cares so much.

As of the time of writing this report, the video has over 16,000 comments with over 15 million views. compiled some of the reactions below:

Bre said:

“We need fully furnished apartment tour. I love this.”

“Some ppl really are blessed with parents who care.”

“We are so conditioned to hear stories of mothers kicking the girls out. Protect momma at all cost cause she’s doing everything right!”

“A mothers love is unmatched. I miss mine dearly.”

“I want my baby to always be able to come home, no matter what you are welcomed to come if you need a break.”

KODYE said:

“The most beautiful thing about this is that I just know you’re gonna love that little girl as much as your mama clearly loves you.”

“My moma wouldve never… like at all matter fact when i asked about she said no she needed somewhere for her car to go.”

“God bless your mom’s heart, please take good care of her. Thank God that you guys have a roof over your head.”


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