Nigerian millionaire takes Benz worth over N24m to school, See what Other students did

A young Nigerian man, @habbyfx, who trades forex has gathered massive reactions online when he shared a video capturing the moment he took his 2021 CLA 45 AMG to the University of Lagos.

Still seated in the expensive car, many students gathered around, touched it and admired the young man’s wealth.

There were also security officials around the vehicle, trying to restore calm. Many people tried to guess the price of the automobile

According to Mbusa, the vehicle’s price starts at $55,900 (N24,744,694.00) and the body design is handcrafted. Ita five-passenger capacity.

Watch the video Here:

hered over 500 comments with more than 44,000 likes.

See some of the reactions below:

CHIDEX said:

“All those guys touching it be like I Claim it in Jesus Name.”

“Some people there , their palm na sampaper…. once them touch the car…na scratch them go scratch am.”

Brooklyn85 wondered:

“Abeg watin dey happen there, na Jesus dey inside d car?”

“Must you bring this to sch, Some guys no like low key life at all, shior.”

“Who noticed the fuel tank sensor opening bcos someone was very close to it. Oyinbo.”

“There is no way I am taking that to school never.”

“After all said and done, it’s still just a car. lol, why people kan dey rub am like say na their savior.”

“This is awesome,..but I wouldn’t appreciate this kind of attention to myself.”

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