If you go to mosque to pick wife you’ll still see us there – Slay queen tells men as she shows off transformation

A Nigerian slay queen has revealed that she and her likes have a way of infiltrating places where only decent girls are expected to be found.

She shared a video which captured her before vs after moment, with the first showing her in a typical slay queen skimpy outfit while in the latter, she wore jalabia and hijab.

The young lady noted that any man who goes to Mosque to look for a wife, will still see girls like her there, the only exception is that they will be looking different.

According to the pretty slay queen, the only difference that will be noticed is that when they go to places of worship, they will change clothes as seen in the clip she posted.

Watch the video below:


See how netizens reacted…

samuel23d; But na true,e.g church 😂

ne_amaka; 😂 😂Good girls are bad girls that never get caught 😂😂

miss_salo; Yes oooo, wife material with sprinkles of ashawo vibes😍

sumptuous__barbiee; Dis one don finally Cast Update way girls of “ I am living my best life” Dey manage 😂😂😂.

official__teewealth; God help your sons 😢

soft_millionaire; Always look face 🙏

babina__mie; Tor you better pick your own demon jeje je.. and be sparing anointing oil 😂😂

marshall0071; Una don start ooo….I no wan hear Justice for Amina or Adiza oooo ehennnn! 👂

collins_reigns_; So what are you trying to tell us…. Say all of una na ashewo now?

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