Reactions as two girls beat up a soldier in public (Video)

A video which surfaced online captures the moment two girls were having an altercation with an Army man that resulted into an exchange of blows.

The girls who are hawkers, were carrying their wares in their hands and arguing inaudibly with the soldier.

When it seemed the verbal exchange was not enough for the girls, they dropped their goods on the floor and pounced on him.

They threw some punches at the soldier to tried to protect himself without retaliating at the early stages.

Some bystanders wanted to intervene but their attempts were weak as it could not stop the girls from assaulting the military officer.

Watch the video below:

mcbartho_; Upon all the beating him berret no comot 😂

_ladypoet2000; But that one in pink is a gangster o😂 she just came from the side & started raining blows

hypemanshyboss; This one nah police no be soldier😂😂😂

adalikwuemmanuel; This soldier has no properly unarmed combat training jor

Similarly, a video which has sparked reactions online showed the moment a group of young men were chasing after some Army officers.

It is not immediately clear what led to the chase, but the incident left people asking questions and expressing fear for the members of the community.

The soldiers were armed with objects which did not look like guns, while the youths who were also wielding sticks and stones engaged them in a hot pursuit.

Shop owners in the area and onlookers were shocked to see military officers running away as they wondered what could have happened.

In reaction, katongo_wrote; If am in that area nah that day I go relocate 🤣🤣

dg01335; Must be Ghana trust me can’t happen in Nigeria 😂😂😂

austineotabor; Why are they running na,

emmanuelikhide; Sorry for una.. by the time dem com bak, na sorry go be una name

jenniferjennynancy; Just imagine 😂😂 if dy shot one now dy go still not do anything 😢😢😢 ndi ara

sandypreneur; Ah! They will come back to that area with troops of soldiers😢

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