If Eyes dey Kill: Little boy tackles mum with his eyes for interrupting his time with dad

A video of a little boy giving his mother a stern look has stirred hilarious comments on TikTok.

The cute baby was having a fun time with his father in the bedroom when his mother interrupted them.

The baby’s reaction kept everyone in stitches as he quickly stopped smiling and gave his mother a stern look.

Netizens react as mum interrupts baby’s fun time with dad

@dy2u1jr9y57r said:

“OMG those giggles and so cute, but that look says it all.”

@juanitahope680 commented:

“He like Mommy don’t you have something else to do other than intervene in what me and daddy have going on over here?”



@monicabrodie337 stated:

“Naw her look was “why you here? You had your time with him. That’s how I got here! Hum.”

@biga358 said:

“This is beautiful. he his having a great time with daddy. I missed those days with my boys. cherish every moment my brother. they grow fast.”

@socialmediaoverload reacted:

“He looked like “Get back woman why you all up in our ish, we will call you when it’s milk time”

@tmfzombie added:

“When my baby is having daddy time, I don’t enter the room at all cuz then they wanna be with me instead lol.”

@feelnlikeaqueen said:

“Daddies really be the biggest blockers. We do all the work and they get all the love.”

Watch the video below:

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